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The Yo! that broke the camel’s heart.

Tomorrow my beloved note taking app Springpad is closing shop. This on the backdrop of hearing that the truly brilliant app Yo! has somehow seeded $1M in funding - makes my blood boil.  I honestly don’t know already whether the world has become completely superficial, or stupid.

And this is following a number of shallow technologies being bought at exorbitant prices, and deeper technologies being sold for peanuts (and I apologize in advance to all the Israeli companies among you - while it makes me proud from a national perspective - it makes me crazy on a professional level). 

The kicker obviously being Whatsapp’s LAUGHABLE and ridiculous purchase price of $19B. Yeah yeah userbase blah blah.  It’s a silly technology-less messaging app that any computer science graduate could write in just a couple more hours than Yo! (8 hours BTW, in case you’re wondering).

It seems these days if an application doesn’t have a mobile or social element to it, then it’s completely overlooked.

I’m constantly hearing about companies with deeply intelligent and complex technology closing down because of lack of funding.  Or M&A offers that are insulting for such brilliant and difficult R&D ventures.

I know I sound like a player hater, but I’m just NOT GETTING IT.

Part of me thinks it’s OUR FAULT.  That we’re communicating that this is what WE WANT, or that we think this is warranted.

$19 billion dollars.  An amount that could likely fund clean water and vaccinations in all of Africa combined for the next 5 years. 

But really $1 million dollars?

Yo, what’s wrong with us?

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Whatsapp out…Telegram in?

I know I’ve tried this before with ChatOn when Facebook’s buying Whatsapp was just a rumor…(yes, I’m that good), but I really want out of Whatsapp.

Here’s yet another app that has way more to offer than Whatsapp PLUS your privacy.

It lets you have private and secret chats, saves your chats to the cloud - what a novelty!, and has a desktop app.

Besides I have an issue with stalkers. Facebook you asked me for my phone number a bunch of times and I said no. Can’t you take the hint?!

I didn’t want to give Facebook my phone number so they bought it behind my back….?! Talk about spoiled little rich kid.

So…Hey, let’s switch to Telegram

Who’s coming?

Update: I hear Line isn’t half bad either.

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