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Impressions from DevOps Con 2013 

I had the honor to be a part of an incredible initiative that came to its culmination yesterday - the first ever DevOps conference in Israel, organized together with the brilliant Nati Shalom, Uri Cohen, Ran Tavory, and Avner Algom.

Nati Shalom, summarizes quite nicely everything that went into making DevOps Con possible, but following the actual event itself I would like to just present some of the highlights and takeaways, as I see them.

It apparently is all about the content.

While there were some cynical tweets about how the presenters are from the organizations that sponsored the event - this unlike other events - actually happened the other way around, which just goes to show the real, and genuine desire to contribute to this cultural and organizational change among these organizations.  

What I mean by this, is that the content visionaries - Uri, Ran, and Nati - made sure to closely moderate the content and put together a really useful lineup of content that would start with setting the DevOps atmosphere, and then split into tracks that would concentrate on Continuous Delivery and Real Life Case Studies and DevOps Tools.  After this was completed, we realized that putting together an event isn’t only a matter of good ideas and great content, you do need funding.  So we turned to our speakers, who clearly had a huge passion for DevOps and understood the importance of holding such an event - and nearly each and everyone stepped up to the plate to contribute from a funding perspective as well, to make sure we could actually make this not-for-profit event happen.

So I would like to say a huge thank you again to the sponsors - those who were onstage, and those who contributed to the cause, just for the sake of being a part of something important.

And on this note, I would like to address some of the comments about the size of the rooms.  The only people at fault here are the event organizers (and I say this in a good way) - because we just had NO IDEA how much interest there would be in such an event.  

If you build it - they will come.  

Well, we were blown away by how many people really came and wanted to take part, after we put it together.  Being the first such event in Israel, we were wholly unprepared for the widespread interest, and really underestimated the turnout.  The sponsors of the venue did everything in their capacity to accommodate the number of participants.

The DevOps Community in Israel is Thriving and Digitized

It was amazing to see how passionate and involved the DevOps community actually is.

From the awesome and funny #devopscon Twitter feed throughout the event

Through the post-event commentary received within the meetup group (just a small snippet below)

The buzz created was inspiring.

DevOps folks love memes (especially the Boromir kind).  

We will be posting all of the presentations on the DevOps Con website (you can also find the ones supported on Speaker Deck and SlideShare), as well as the recorded sessions once they’re ready.

Already looking forward to the next event!

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